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One of my favourite pieces of technology is WordPress. My main project with it is Computer Science Circles, but I’ve also used it for online course notes and I first learned of it helping my colleague Douglas with a student organization website. It was my head-first introduction to the language PHP. PHP is capable of a lot of nifty stuff. PHP pages […]

It has been really great working on Computer Science Circles, the project that I’m working on at Waterloo which is a website to teach programming for beginners. Although it teaches Python, because it’s built over top of WordPress, I have also written a lot of JavaScript and PHP. All of these are fine languages, and if […]

Wrong holiday for the title? Oh well. Most of my work has continued to be on the Computer Science Circles website. And, only 3 weeks after installing the Ace editor, my fickle heart has deleted it and installed the CodeMirror editor on our project instead. Both of them allow you to drop-in a replacement for […]