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This holiday, I went back to Toronto to hang out with family and friends. It was a great vacation! But I also had to work for a couple of days. I took this occasion to check out the different Google locations in Toronto and Waterloo and work from each for one day. The Waterloo office is very […]

Some information that I can share from my itinerant wifi-migrant existence over the past couple of days: Matter of Taste: Wins for being local and making good espresso. Weak in the baked goods department. Balzac’s: Wins for design aesthetic, nice typesetting. Good pastries. Is colocated with Google and other tech companies. Looks like a hipster paradise. […]

Stephen Tosh and I co-taught the online course Math 600 for the University of Waterloo last term, in September and October. The course is part of the Master’s of Mathematics for Teachers program, which is an online Master’s degree for high-school math teachers. The students were a very interesting mix of people from all over […]

This week the University of Waterloo celebrated Bill Cunningham’s 65th birthday with a conference in his honour. Bill’s work is on graph matchings and matroids, specifically exact optimization, algorithms, and polyhedral combinatorics. For example, he gave the first polynomial-time algorithm to compute the strength of a graph. He completed his thesis at Waterloo under the […]

Tales of Tails


My colleague Adrian from Berlin has been visiting the University of Waterloo this month, and I was delighted this Friday to get to bring him to Hog Tails BBQ in Waterloo for a taste of something new. It’s new both for him, and for me! Real slow-smoked BBQ is a cuisine that didn’t exist at all […]

It turns out that mashing things is not just good for dinner. I was recently involved in two mash-ups. I was recently searching for housing in Waterloo, and found the website padmapper. It is the rental-searching tool of my dreams! It takes all of the entries from craigslist, kijiji etc, and puts them on a […]



A while ago Waterloo got it’s first Mexican restaurant; the population has now doubled thanks to the restaurant Margarita’s in uptown Waterloo, at the corner of King and Erb. It seems to be aimed at the non-student crowd, as entrees are priced at about $15. I had some questions for the waiter who gave me some […]