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Abstract. I’ve spent some time this summer making a programming visualizer for the Java language. Sara has spent some time this summer making a video showing the coffee roasting process for Princeton’s own Small World Coffee. I think my project has a cooler icon, but hers has a better soundtrack. Since I came to Princeton […]

I have seen three really beautiful animated pieces of art recently: The game Machinarium, which was previously part of the 2nd “Humble Indie Bundle” of charitable games. I played through this game very quickly; were it book, I would say that “I couldn’t put it down.” It is a game where you control a robot […]

Random Canadian Math PhD #1: Last week, I went to the For Noise music festival near Lausanne. That particular night there were three acts: Local Natives, Jonsí (from Sigur Rós), and Caribou. Caribou is a Canadian artist named Dan Snaith (formerly known as Manitoba up until some legal issues arose), who got a math PhD […]

I got my (draft) thesis printed and bound this week on Waterloo’s “espresso” book printer. It was fast, convenient, and cost about $10/copy (it turns out to be 60% the cost of printing it the normal spiral-bound way at the print shop). The only drawback I found is that there are still some bugs in […]

Germany Videos


Here are some videos that I took during my trip to Germany in September for the ALGO/WAOA conferences. They are from Frankfurt, Munich, and Karslruhe: Sunday morning church bells in Frankfurt: Oktoberfest kickoff parade in Munich: ZKM Museum in Karlsruhe: Bonus points if you play all three videos at once.