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iPinions: these are my opinions, and they’re not quite reviews so they don’t belong on epinions, but they are on the internet and they’re mine… (5/5) UW Grad house food.  I got the special today and it came with a side of potato salad. Not the nasty mayo-filled KFC kind, and not even the bacon-filled […]

A new month, a new cell phone bill. I have previously opened up a “trouble ticket” with Verizon because all my incoming calls show up as if I were talking to voicemail for half an hour. Last week they said the problem should be fixed but in fact it’s a little worse than before: indeed, […]

I’ve had billing issues with Verizon for about a year, since I started using their “North America’s Choice” plan in Canada. The calls on my bill have the right starting time and duration, but the wrong number. So for example, a call to my fiancee Lauren will show up as if I had called voicemail […]