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Weird Dream


Have you ever had that dream, you know, the one where you’re in some sort of a competition to decorate a scaled-down airplane in an Egyptian theme, and you have to put it in a “crypt”, which is actually a very large clothes dryer? No? Well, I must be the only one. In retrospect it […]

I managed to watch the end of Lost‘s Season 3 yesterday. One line was particularly good: (one-eyed Russian, to girls in secret underwater pod): I thought you were on assignment in Canada! Anyway, even though I have all of Season 1 yet to watch, finally getting to the end of Season 3 reminded me that […]



There seems to be a Simpsons marathon on Global today — at least three episodes so far. Given how many times I’ve seen this it’s great to have just “got” a joke for the first time: Kent Brockman: It’s literally the eleventh hour, 10 PM! Just two days ago I accidentally set my alarm for […]