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This holiday, I went back to Toronto to hang out with family and friends. It was a great vacation! But I also had to work for a couple of days. I took this occasion to check out the different Google locations in Toronto and Waterloo and work from each for one day. The Waterloo office is very […]

Visiting Iran


I had an amazing vacation this year! For 3 weeks I travelled to Iran where I got to visit several historic cities, meet my wife’s extended family, and participate in my sister-in-law’s amazing wedding. This was followed by one more fantastic week in Mexico for my brother’s destination wedding, which deserves its own post later. One thing […]

About 2 weeks ago, I went to SIGCSE, which is the major computer science education conference. I talked about Computer Science Circles, its translations to other languages and translations of Python error messages to English; see the poster here. Like my last trip to SIGCSE, it was pretty great. I got to re-encounter previous colleagues, meet new […]

For spring break, Sara and I took a voyage out of New Jersey and into Puerto Rico. Why Puerto Rico? Here are some photos to explain: The waterfall above is from El Yunque national park, and so is the next vista: This one, however, is sort of from the middle of nowhere, as we got […]

For what seems like all year long, Sara and I were driving back from Toronto to Princeton. Our very last stop before leaving the great white north was a place selling great flat bread: barbari. We picked up 12 of them at Super Khorak, and 11.5 of them remained by the time we arrived (some […]

Here is a picture of me at a chain from my country, visiting another country, getting a drink named after that country, which is an imitation of a drink from that country, but was prepared in another country they were just working in, imitating the drinks like back in their own country. And as luck […]

Sara and I just got back from visiting Tanzania (Stone Town and Paje Beach, Zanzibar; Dar es Salaam) and Kenya (Nairobi and Nanyuki). Here is what we found! I posted it to the CHOWhounds forum, where I had found some previous useful reviews. Zanzibar, Stone Town As a preamble, we stayed there 9 nights, originally it was going to […]