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Nice Quote


Paraphrased from a paper by Eglash, Gilbert and Foster about software education tools: We should caution that it is largely the teacher and students who create the learning environment; the simulations are simply tools to facilitate these connections. As someone who makes a lot of software for education, I was glad to see someone mention this […]

COS 126 Wrap-up


The main course that I taught this term, the introduction to computer science (COS 126) at Princeton, just wrapped up. It’s a very well-designed course. Before coming here I had thought that Java had too much potential for confusion for beginners — it is a lot of confusing work to type out public class { public […]

Stephen Tosh and I co-taught the online course Math 600 for the University of Waterloo last term, in September and October. The course is part of the Master’s of Mathematics for Teachers program, which is an online Master’s degree for high-school math teachers. The students were a very interesting mix of people from all over […]

Math Circles


The University of Waterloo’s CEMC holds Math Circles in which they invite local grade 6-12 kids to come to the university one evening a week for math enrichment activities. In the past years I have participated for 2-3 weeks per year, running sessions on the topics of Game Theory and Conics (ellipses, parabolas, etc). This […]

My trip last week with the Woburn CI ACSL team has concluded and I’m now in Montreal for a very big conference on discrete applied mathematics. Woburn put in a really stellar performance and got a best-ever result: first place in the Senior and Intermediate divisions and second in the Junior division! The University of […]

Free Math


I started reading non-fiction recently, due in large part to my friend Mara’s choice of birthday gift. Through the course of several bus trips I have read through Flowers for Algernon, Out of Africa, and Le Petit Prince. It’s a big change from me since I hardly remember reading any non-required non-math books in the […]

Today I finally had a chance to read the end-of-term evaluations from the game theory course that I taught in the fall term. Overall I was very happy to read the evaluations; it definitely feels that the time which I invested into course preparation and helping students was well-spent. On the back of the (anonymous) […]