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Cheating Taxes


I saw a talk today with (for once!) some useful advice. It was by Bala Ravikumar and he discussed Benford’s law, which says that in “real life” the first digit of numbers tend to be small. (Benford’s law basically says that the distribution of miscellaneous data is uniform on a logarithmic scale. On a logarithmic […]



There seems to be a Simpsons marathon on Global today — at least three episodes so far. Given how many times I’ve seen this it’s great to have just “got” a joke for the first time: Kent Brockman: It’s literally the eleventh hour, 10 PM! Just two days ago I accidentally set my alarm for […]



I just netfiled my tax return for the first time. Having to send no paper is very convenient but also a little diminishing. Who knew my entire 2006 financial history is only 943 bytes long?