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I am very grateful to have got to live in Lausanne for the last year and a half. There are a lot of great people who I have met, and fantastic sights. But I would be negligent not to point out The Best Food I Ate in Lausanne Special events: Manneke Kris waffles. Cooked fresh […]

Random Canadian Math PhD #1: Last week, I went to the For Noise music festival near Lausanne. That particular night there were three acts: Local Natives, Jonsí (from Sigur Rós), and Caribou. Caribou is a Canadian artist named Dan Snaith (formerly known as Manitoba up until some legal issues arose), who got a math PhD […]

Today (or last night) I celebrate Canada day with moving into a new apartment sous-gare in Lausanne! Correlated with this, I have been reviewing all of the various companies and paperwork which I’ve had to fill out due to existing & moving in Switzerland. Insurance ECA insurance against natural disasters (mandatory, in all of Vaud […]

Today I discovered two things I was previously pretty sure did not exist: a beer store and a bulk spice store in Lausanne. This, despite my extensive searches for the very same items in the last few months! This, despite the fact that I was just trying to buy coffee. No doubt this is exactly how […]

A québecoise bar, “Les Gosses du Québec,” will be opening soon near the Lausanne train station! As you can see in the photograph, it is just finishing construction. Will this mean that Canadian beers will start to dominate the local market? Maybe. Will it ensure a great place to watch curling? Hopefully. Will they serve […]

Shopping, cooking, and eating in Lausanne has come with a fair share of adventures and surprises. I live a few minutes’ walk away from a Costco-size supermarket which has an entire section, not just for cheese from Switzerland, but for Gruyere-style cheese from Switzerland. Europe is famous for its coffee roasting skills and there is […]