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I just finished reading “A Mathematician’s Apology,” written by the number theorist G. H. Hardy in 1940. I sort of assumed I had already read it when I was younger, but this turns out to be completely false. How do I know that I’ve never read it? Before opening it this time, I thought it […]

Happy new year! As a way of celebrating (?) or making up for procrastinating (more likely), I have finished a long-overdue book review for The Mathematical Intelligencer. The book is called Combinatorics: Ancient & Modern. This book, a collection of 16 chapters by different authors, spans the history of combinatorics from the dawn of civilization to […]

Here is a picture of me at a chain from my country, visiting another country, getting a drink named after that country, which is an imitation of a drink from that country, but was prepared in another country they were just working in, imitating the drinks like back in their own country. And as luck […]

Wrong holiday for the title? Oh well. Most of my work has continued to be on the Computer Science Circles website. And, only 3 weeks after installing the Ace editor, my fickle heart has deleted it and installed the CodeMirror editor on our project instead. Both of them allow you to drop-in a replacement for […]

I am very grateful to have got to live in Lausanne for the last year and a half. There are a lot of great people who I have met, and fantastic sights. But I would be negligent not to point out The Best Food I Ate in Lausanne Special events: Manneke Kris waffles. Cooked fresh […]

I recently read a paper by Dughmi, Roughgarden, and Yan, which is a novel cousin of the Lavi-Swamy technique I taught last term. The latter is a way of turning linear program-based approximation algorithms into truthful-in-expectation mechanisms that approximately optimize expected social welfare. The main result of D-R-Y is in the same family: a truthful-in-expectation […]

I bought an HP tablet PC in Dec 2009, replacing my aging Lenovo (non-tablet) laptop, with the main goal being to be able to make hand-written diagrams, and a secondary goal to read and annotate papers more easily. Taking notes at a recent workshop was one of the first major tasks for which I needed […]