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It’s that time again! Both to celebrate our rich national heritage in 60-second increments (fake version) (real version) and to look at maps again. A few weeks ago in the Soho area of NYC, we ran across an antique map dealer. A little haggling later, I ended up with the following piece of wall candy.   You can click on […]

I have been following some of the material produced by Khan Academy, in particular their recent and awesome software environment. They started producing Python tutorial videos back in 2011, but earlier this year they made a dramatic switch to a JavaScript dialect and an in-browser graphical immediate interpreter. That is to say, if you write […]

Ravi Kannan gave a distinguished lecture today at Georgia Tech covering a wide swath of algorithms, randomness, and high-dimensional geometry. There was one particularly excellent slide that gave a very intuitive explanation for a result I have seen, but not fully understood, before. The result is in the field of streaming algorithms. Specifically, there is […]

I saw a nice result sketched a few weeks ago, on the “online matching” problem. Below I try to re-explain the result, using some idiomatic (and as a bonus, inoffensive) terminology which I find makes it easier to remember what’s going on. Online Matching. There is a set of items, call them Lunches, which you […]

I saw a hilarious video recipe inspired by Paula Deen today: The video, for a moment, covers the subject of “pie pies,” you know, a pie with another pie in it. This brings up the idea for another recipe I have long wanted to make, the “meta-muffin.” (A large muffin with smaller muffins of different […]

Unique Unicode


A few months ago, Unicode 6 was released. Check that your browser can display the following important technical information: 🍆 ‘AUBERGINE’ (U+1F346) 🍁 ‘MAPLE LEAF’ (U+1F341) 🙊 ‘SPEAK-NO-EVIL MONKEY’ (U+1F64A) 🏩 ‘LOVE HOTEL’ (U+1F3E9) 😻 ‘SMILING CAT FACE WITH HEART-SHAPED EYES’ (U+1F63B) You will need to install the font Symbola, the only one I know […]

Evidence #1: “History’s Chumps” by Dinosaur Comics, after recent at-length discussions of chumpism. (Click for full size) Evidence #2: “Backup Face” by Toothpaste For Dinner, which was posted the very night I almost lost my non-backed-up laptop in a bar, with my nearly-complete thesis on it. There is a comic called “PhD Comics” which is […]