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Classes are almost done! This means more free time for me and hence, more cooking! I brushed off a recipe that I received as part of Great Road Farm‘s excellent CSA last year. The CSA was quite an excellent culinary experience: we cooked and ate really good beets for the first time, as well as watermelon radishes (pictured at right), […]

Doodlr and SPE


I spent some time earlier this summer mentoring two undergraduates, Pallavi Koppol and Joanna Wang, who built a really cool HTML-based drawing program called Doodlr. Its main features are (1) simultaneous drawing by multiple users, (2) opacity/transparency, and (3) support for Wacom tablets. If you check it out now at you can even see a vampire moose […]

In the last month there has been exciting news about the Computer Science Circles project I’ve worked on with colleagues from the University of Waterloo. One is that the site is now disponible en français, thanks in no small part to Brice Canvel, a Swiss teacher who translated most of the lessons. Another is that a paper […]