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Greece Trip


We just came back from a trip to Greece (Santorini and Athens). Here are the important trip statistics: duration: 6 nights (including one at Athens airport) and 6 days number of eggplant dishes consumed: 6 (all distinct) best eggplant dish: fritters in Camille Stefani, Fira number of souvlaki/gyro/kebab joints visited: 5 = 3 in Santorini […]

Home Stretch


This term is almost, almost done! Looking back at what I did: wrote a constitution wrote a page about writing constitutions wrote a page about a page about writing constitutions taught game theory aimed at 4th year undergrads taught game theory aimed at high school students games in practice: Megaman 9 and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith […]



1. Question of the day: why does Internet Explorer, but not Firefox, still think I like to see my google search results in Icelandic? 2. I finished upgrading the GSA wordpress version to 2.6. I like those wordpress folks, to be able to perform a major upgrade in 15 minutes of my time is pretty […]



I got a paper into ICALP-A! This implies that I will be in Iceland in mid-July =) This is a little bitter-sweet only because this is an extended extension of my Master’s work and I have yet for anything Ph.D.-related to be published… still, I’m pretty ridiculously happy about it. My friend Mike who’s playing […]