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On the first day of the Intro to CS course, a written survey asked students a bunch of questions. The overall best answer, given to the question “Why are you here?”, was “Because it’s 12:30 on a Tuesday.” I had a student who couldn’t run Java because calls to Math.sqrt and the like would not […]

Last week I was at the second Emléktábla workshop in Hungary. It was a great event and a chance to meet lots of other young mathematicians, and learn a lot. One problem which I woked on with János Barát, Filip Morić, and Zoltán Nagy, is the following. (The problem is due to Péter Maga.) Characterize all graphs which […]

1) Got to see the Simpsons movie. I think it was better than the Family Guy movie but not as good as South Park… now I’m just waiting for Futurama. 2) Went to the Brick Brewery’s “Red Baron” Lounge with brother, his girlfriend and another friend. Combined two of my favourite things: beer and free […]