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First things first: click here for a picture of my family’s traditional holiday dance. Second things second: four photos of Bella from the holidays.

Cute Wars


Bella’s new place is pretty close to uptown Waterloo, and as the picture shows, has some nice trees in the backyard. Mind you, they are not Steiner trees. On the right hand side – that’s not Bella’s evil twin, but rather her new housemate Jole. Jole’s much more chilled out than Evarate, but Bella still […]

Movin’ On Up


Meoow. I’m taking Dave to a new place to live this week! There’s another kitty – long-haired like me – at the new joint. As this will be the last week that I live with Evarate, here is a brief retrospective: 1. Stealin’ my food (right) 2. Video from owner Steve

Cats Off-Guard


What are you lookin’ at?

A New Friend


As you may know, I spend a good chunk of time in Toronto, usually when my humanoid Dave is away from Waterloo. His sister Hilary works at a vet clinic and has brought all sorts of crazy animals to the house. This time, though, she was just looking after a pet who owns one of […]

Sneaky Guy


Just to give you an idea of how my day-to-day life has been with Everett around… I can’t even take a nap on my own cat toys without having him poke his business in my affairs. Luckily I am currently staying at the “Arbour Villa” spa in Toronto with my buddies Mango and Phoenix, away […]

All the way from Scarborough via the internet comes the following (click to enlarge):