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Last week I was at the second Emléktábla workshop in Hungary. It was a great event and a chance to meet lots of other young mathematicians, and learn a lot. One problem which I woked on with János Barát, Filip Morić, and Zoltán Nagy, is the following. (The problem is due to Péter Maga.) Characterize all graphs which […]

Exhibit A: Maple, a sapling of the University of Waterloo. It is a computer algebra system allowing you to perform both symbolic and numerical computation. It has lots of built-in “packages” including one called GraphTheory, and other people can design add-on packages as well, such as convex (for polyhedral combinatorics, related to linear programming). Exhibit […]

One of the staples of the mathematics undergrad curriculum is “abstract algebra,” where you talk about things at a high level of generality with the hopes of applying them to a lot of different types of objects. The fundamental example of this is the notion of a group. Roughly speaking, a group consists of a […]