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I wanted to post a short update on CS Circles, my project with the University of Waterloo CEMC to teach introductory programming online. I’ve been checking the total number of problems solved on the site, and it has just surpassed 750000! I’m pretty sure I’ve never done 750000 of anything in my life except maybe […]

Hallo, Welt!


Computer Science Circles is now live in German! This awesome development is due to Wolfgang Pohl, Marcel Inhoff and the rest of the crew at BWINF. I am very excited and thankful for their hard work. Check it out here… you might be the lucky person to complete the 250000th exercise!

Unique Unicode


A few months ago, Unicode 6 was released. Check that your browser can display the following important technical information: 🍆 ‘AUBERGINE’ (U+1F346) 🍁 ‘MAPLE LEAF’ (U+1F341) 🙊 ‘SPEAK-NO-EVIL MONKEY’ (U+1F64A) 🏩 ‘LOVE HOTEL’ (U+1F3E9) 😻 ‘SMILING CAT FACE WITH HEART-SHAPED EYES’ (U+1F63B) You will need to install the font Symbola, the only one I know […]

Trivia question: pick a random person. Conditioned on the event that they live in a country with both French and English as official languages, what is the probability they live in Canada? I took French classes in school from grade 5 to grade 12, most years of which were mandatory. But I have barely used […]