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Next week I am headed to the ITiCSE conference (Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education), in Vilnius, Lithuania, to present Websheets, an exercise system for programming problems in C++ and Java. Websheets combines a couple of ideas. It is an online system where students get immediate feedback on their programming solutions. This has become very common […]

Abstract. I’ve spent some time this summer making a programming visualizer for the Java language. Sara has spent some time this summer making a video showing the coffee roasting process for Princeton’s own Small World Coffee. I think my project has a cooler icon, but hers has a better soundtrack. Since I came to Princeton […]

Bits of CS


On the first day of the Intro to CS course, a written survey asked students a bunch of questions. The overall best answer, given to the question “Why are you here?”, was “Because it’s 12:30 on a Tuesday.” I had a student who couldn’t run Java because calls to Math.sqrt and the like would not […]

COS 126 Wrap-up


The main course that I taught this term, the introduction to computer science (COS 126) at Princeton, just wrapped up. It’s a very well-designed course. Before coming here I had thought that Java had too much potential for confusion for beginners — it is a lot of confusing work to type out public class { public […]