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Visiting Iran


I had an amazing vacation this year! For 3 weeks I travelled to Iran where I got to visit several historic cities, meet my wife’s extended family, and participate in my sister-in-law’s amazing wedding. This was followed by one more fantastic week in Mexico for my brother’s destination wedding, which deserves its own post later. One thing […]

Happy Nooroz!


For the first time since living in the US, we put together a haft seen ( هفت‌ سین : seven S’s) table! It has: center: garlic (sir / سیر) left: lentil sprouts (sabzeh / سبزه) counterclockwise: apple (sib / سیب), wild olive / oleaster (senjed / سنجد), vinegar (serkeh / سرکه), wheat germ pudding (samanoo / سمنو), and […]

Over the past 6 weeks I have been following the post-election events in Iran. It has been very additctive for me to follow the story of the alleged vote-rigging, attempts to quash protests, and crazy political stuff going on. As a nerd I have been compelled by the fact that the use of electronic media […]

The Internets


Today, on a news blog that is covering a lot of up-to-date information from Iran, I found an article on how internet bandwidth has been changing since the elections. Here is the picture: I get antsy if my internet access is down for two hours (since this prevents me from downloading an album or two) […]