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I have seen three really beautiful animated pieces of art recently: The game Machinarium, which was previously part of the 2nd “Humble Indie Bundle” of charitable games. I played through this game very quickly; were it book, I would say that “I couldn’t put it down.” It is a game where you control a robot […]

I ran across a paper citing the following: Austin M J and Brown L D (1999). Internet plagiarism: developing strategies to curb student academic honesty. The Internet and Higher Education 2, 21–33. Thankfully, the cited work has a slightly different title in real life. The two authors who made this citation seem to have 2 […]

There is apparently a rock-paper-scissors contest, where you program a strategy in C++, to be hosted at UW in the first weeks of November. Registration goes until October 12. The exact rules are not yet announced, but here is a link to the announcement.

Aside from watching tv, I have indulged in a few other wastes of time over the past few weeks. Some people from the fraternity in which I lived as an undergraduate sent me Desktop Tower Defense, which reminded me of StarCraft… finally though I think that particular game has run its course and I’m no […]

Short Problem


I am going to be a lecturer for CO 456, Introduction to Game Theory this fall. I’ve TAed the course twice and have been taking a program in teaching methodology so I am itching to try out some new techniques on the students. Incidentally, on my fraternity’s mailing list someone sent out a link to […]

In the spirit of Tetris, Sudoku, Minesweeper, and other games, we recently determined at the C&O open problem session that the game Polarium Advance is NP-complete. There is a pretty straightforaward reduction from “Hamiltonian path in induced subgraph of a grid graph” to Polarium Advance. That problem can be reduced from “Hamiltonian path in bipartite […]