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Last weekend I attended a conference in Budapest where I saw a nice trick in an unexpected place. (A longer report about the whole trip will appear on the CS Theory Blog.) Wikipedia calls it de Moivre’s martingale and the reason that I liked it is that it somehow gives me some intuition, that I formerly […]

I have seen three really beautiful animated pieces of art recently: The game Machinarium, which was previously part of the 2nd “Humble Indie Bundle” of charitable games. I played through this game very quickly; were it book, I would say that “I couldn’t put it down.” It is a game where you control a robot […]

The following is a book review I wrote thanks to a blog-based call for volunteers (technically I got paid with a free book). One of the main themes in the book is a theorem known colloquially as “Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem” for voting, which says that every voting system fails one of three simple axioms: non-dictatorship, […]

Auction Bling


The FCC will be auctioning off part of the US wireless spectrum in a little more than a month. I tried for a while to get some information on what sort of auction mechanism will actually be used and seem to have found out that: (page 19) … the bidding methodology for Auction 73 will […]

Coding Games


I heard that a fellow UW student, who happens to be taking my game theory course this term, won a Rock-Paper-Scissors contest! You can see his explanation for his winning strategy here. It would be worth mentioning that he didn’t actually sit around and wiggle his hand thousands of times, but rather it was a […]

By sheer coincidence, I just started teaching a section on expected value in game theory AND there is a post on a CS theory blog about expected value in “deal or no deal” AND I won 400 tickets playing “deal or no deal” at the Good Times Emporium over the weekend (see picture, right). In […]

I was reading a book called “Luck, Logic & White Lies” over the weekend, to prepare to teach a game theory course next term. It pointed out a couple of other “solved” games of a different nature. Checkers is a game with no hidden information and no simultaneous moves. Any game of this sort always […]