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This year hasn’t been the first that I discovered the joy of lazy recipes — I posted about cold brew coffee and no-knead bread a while back. However, I’ve made more additions to my slacker recipe collection since then. Breakfast is a glorious thing and pancakes are delicious. But I have to admit that even with […]

A couple of years ago I got a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated, a fabulous food magazine. It has a few distinctive features: no ads! this hugely increases my happiness in reading the magazine cover-to-cover the recipes are written like science experiments the interiors are all black-and-white, with some photos replaced by schematics or pencil-sketch-style drawings (see right) I’ve added quite […]

Yesterday I found myself face-to-face with salmon to cook for dinner. I have been lucky enough to have a certain special someone cook coriander-spiced pan-fried salmon with jalapeño-mango-pineapple pan salsa on previous occasions, but this time I was on my own. So, what to do? The internet came to my rescue and like my previous […]

Classes are almost done! This means more free time for me and hence, more cooking! I brushed off a recipe that I received as part of Great Road Farm‘s excellent CSA last year. The CSA was quite an excellent culinary experience: we cooked and ate really good beets for the first time, as well as watermelon radishes (pictured at right), […]



When we were still in Switzerland, Sara picked up a copy of Le Larousse du chocolat, a book by a renowned French chef Pierre Hermé. As the name implies, it is a dictionary for all chocolatey things. While it’s a little tricky to find exact substitutes for the ingredients in some recipes (like bicarbonate de sodium […]

It has been great to be back in Toronto for the holidays! I have seen a lot of sorely-missed old friends and got great presents from my family (props to my brother’s megaman magnets). So far with Sara (who got me a wonderful coffee grinder) we have made: open-face apple pies… it was supposed to […]

In the last year, I have learned two excellent recipes that are amazing in terms of their deliciousness and simplicity. The internet being a great place to share great ideas, I hereby present you with: No-Knead Bread. Mix flour, salt, water, and yeast in the evening. Overnight the yeast will do the hard work. In […]