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Wrong holiday for the title? Oh well. Most of my work has continued to be on the Computer Science Circles website. And, only 3 weeks after installing the Ace editor, my fickle heart has deleted it and installed the CodeMirror editor on our project instead. Both of them allow you to drop-in a replacement for […]

It turns out that mashing things is not just good for dinner. I was recently involved in two mash-ups. I was recently searching for housing in Waterloo, and found the website padmapper. It is the rental-searching tool of my dreams! It takes all of the entries from craigslist, kijiji etc, and puts them on a […]

Joint Meeting


No, this is not about sharing joints (even in moderation). This week I am at the joint meeting of the American Math Society and Math Association of America in Boston, MA. It is a huge conference with around 7000 participants, but more cohesive than many other mega-conferences including Informs and ISMP that I have visited. The […]