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Yesterday the annual International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), took place in Warsaw, Poland. This is a contest for three-person teams of university students. The team-oriented nature is wonderful, but also a historical artifact: when the first ICPC contest was run back in the 1970s, there were many more […]



I was trying to give an example of a pun yesterday and couldn’t come up with one off the top of my head. I think this recent excerpt from Tom The Dancing Bug would have fit the bill: Last week, I spent some of my time grading part of the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge which […]

This week I’m attending the American Computer Science League finals with Woburn CI, my alma mater. This is the 15th year the school has attended, and the 9th time that I have been involved. Three of those times were as a student, and the other six times I have supervised, driven and trained in varying […]

The Google Code Jam is a contest sponsored by Google that has run for 4 years. Until now it has been hosted by TopCoder but they appear to be changing from that format and running it all by themselves. There is a “beta” contest running on November 15 for the new system: you can sign […]

Woburn Won!


I am back in Waterloo with good news to report. Both of the Woburn PEG teams won first place in this year’s American Computer Science League finals. This happened once before, in 2002, when the finals took place in Montréal. Although I was never in first place when I actually was on the team (1998-2000), […]