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Today I finally had a chance to read the end-of-term evaluations from the game theory course that I taught in the fall term. Overall I was very happy to read the evaluations; it definitely feels that the time which I invested into course preparation and helping students was well-spent. On the back of the (anonymous) […]

Coding Games


I heard that a fellow UW student, who happens to be taking my game theory course this term, won a Rock-Paper-Scissors contest! You can see his explanation for his winning strategy here. It would be worth mentioning that he didn’t actually sit around and wiggle his hand thousands of times, but rather it was a […]

On October 10, there will be a provincial election in Ontario as well as an Ontario-wide referendum. I’m mentioning it for a number of reasons: I was not completely pleased with the result of the last referendum in which I took part; as a result grad students at UW don’t have bus passes =( The […]

Finally it looks like the summer is coming to an end, since classes at UW start tomorrow. On Tuesday I am teaching for the first time; the class is CO 456, Introduction to Game Theory. 1000 km away, Lauren is also teaching: she’s been assigned to two sections of a Spanish class at UMass Amherst. […]