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Hey RSS readers, and the greater internets! I’m married as of 4 days ago. Here’s a link to some pictures. We’re not on honeymoon technically, although we are both crashing on the same floor in the bride’s sister’s place, and I always thought Kitchener is pretty romantic. It was really a fantastic ceremony, an even better party, and it […]

It’s that time again! Both to celebrate our rich national heritage in 60-second increments (fake version) (real version) and to look at maps again. A few weeks ago in the Soho area of NYC, we ran across an antique map dealer. A little haggling later, I ended up with the following piece of wall candy.   You can click on […]

Here is a picture of me at a chain from my country, visiting another country, getting a drink named after that country, which is an imitation of a drink from that country, but was prepared in another country they were just working in, imitating the drinks like back in their own country. And as luck […]

Happy 145th birthday, Canada! This year in particular is being touted as the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, although all of the good stuff happened in 1813 (the burning of Toronto) and in 1814 (the burning of Washington, DC). If you go backwards in time a bit further, you hit the guy who […]

This post is a shout-out to several good friends who hosted me for thanksgiving. As such, I looked up the background on a well-known story: Canadian thanksgiving happens earlier than the American one because it’s colder and therefore the harvest happens earlier. Wikipedia corroborates this but I was more interested in a link to Canada’s […]



A friend suggested this part of my email should be posted here: It is really nice to be back in Toronto but I immediately felt the difference between here and Switzerland… whereas in Switzerland there were a bunch of people who all looked similar speaking a bunch of different languages, here in Toronto everyone looks totally different but […]

I have seen three really beautiful animated pieces of art recently: The game Machinarium, which was previously part of the 2nd “Humble Indie Bundle” of charitable games. I played through this game very quickly; were it book, I would say that “I couldn’t put it down.” It is a game where you control a robot […]