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Destroying Pi


As I was walking around the streets of Boston yesterday, I came across the following scene: Apparently, they were shooting some movie, and all that the crew would say is that it’s somehow about Rhode Island. This does not explain the following Massachusetts plates: Do you see the other strange fact about the plates? I […]

I wrote earlier about Tim Hortons theiving a style of muffin from Starbucks. Well, (and this is old new by now), Starbucks has loaded up it guns and shot back with their own: they serve Top Pot Donuts at certain locations. This picture is of a Top Pot Apple Fritter, which I got while visiting […]

By sheer coincidence, I just started teaching a section on expected value in game theory AND there is a post on a CS theory blog about expected value in “deal or no deal” AND I won 400 tickets playing “deal or no deal” at the Good Times Emporium over the weekend (see picture, right). In […]