Google Ontario Tour


This holiday, I went back to Toronto to hang out with family and friends. It was a great vacation! But I also had to work for a couple of days. I took this occasion to check out the different Google locations in Toronto and Waterloo and work from each for one day.


The Waterloo office is very new; the people working there moved in November from another location across the street. PM Justin Trudeau visited it last week for the “official opening,” to much fanfare! It’s a fairly large office, with several hundred engineers and an assortment of other Googlers. I took a couple of pictures of things that I liked there. The above picture was near one of the microkitchens, it reminded me of hipstery cafes, although pretty deserted this time of year.

The second picture, below, I can only assume is a time machine. A pretty good way to get the scoop on the competition!IMG_20151229_124052-001The Toronto location is located right downtown. It is quite a bit smaller and consists almost entirely of sales and business staff. They are the first place I’ve ever visited that had outdoor minigolf on a balcony:


Just for the record, that’s a mini-golf hole consisting of a replica of the Prince’s Gate (of CNE fame), and if you squint hard, you can see a scuplture of a polar bear in the background. Moving inside, I found this in a microkitchen:


The Tim Hortons loses some authenticity points since it’s only called “Cafe & Bake Shop” in the US as far as I know. However, I have to give them credit for the box of maple sap! Finding that for sale anywhere is a new trend to me, but it was pretty delicious!


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