Happy Nooroz!



For the first time since living in the US, we put together a haft seen ( هفت‌ سین : seven S’s) table! It has:

  • center: garlic (sir / سیر)
  • left: lentil sprouts (sabzeh / سبزه)
  • counterclockwise: apple (sib / سیب),
  • wild olive / oleaster (senjed / سنجد),
  • vinegar (serkeh / سرکه),
  • wheat germ pudding (samanoo / سمنو),
  • and sumac (سماق)

There are some bonus items too:

  • coins / sekkeh / سکه
  • wild rue incense / esfand / اسفند
  • a book by Hafez / حافظ
  • noon nohodchi (from Toronto; thanks Navid and Vida!) / نون نخودچی
  • on sofreh termeh fabric / سفره ترمه

And not pictured, the board scraper that I used to recover the samanoo when it exploded in its bag on the bike ride home.

I hope you have a prosperous new year!


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