Hey RSS readers, and the greater internets! I’m married as of 4 days ago. Here’s a link to some pictures. We’re not on honeymoon technically, although we are both crashing on the same floor in the bride’s sister’s place, and I always thought Kitchener is pretty romantic. It was really a fantastic ceremony, an even better party, and it was better than anything I could have imagined to see all of our friends and family gathered at once. Here’s to another 40000 days!



5 Responses to “++”

  1. 1 Sara

    Here is to 400000 more years 🙂 ❤

    • So we should try to get ourselves in to a museum? Don’t forget to pick me up from the cafe! I’m using CBC’s wifi next door to listen to streaming CBC radio. It’s satisfyingly Canadian.

  2. That’s fantastic, congratulations to you both! I wish you a zillion happiness.

  3. I wish you 400000 zillion lightyears of being exhibited! Anyhow, I hope that part about all your friends was not serious…

    • Thanks! Good point. But my memories are foggy, I may have been hallucinating enough from the dancing to imagine you and all my other friends there giving me a thumbs-up. (Possibly in the sky like Yoda?)

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