Rosemary-Garlic Salmon and Cottage Fries


Yesterday I found myself face-to-face with salmon to cook for dinner. I have been lucky enough to have a certain special someone cook coriander-spiced pan-fried salmon with jalapeño-mango-pineapple pan salsa on previous occasions, but this time I was on my own.

So, what to do? The internet came to my rescue and like my previous post, I want to document it a bit for my own reference. I found an amazingly simple rosemary-garlic roasted salmon recipe; here’s the picture, taken from the recipe page itself.


The recipe was simpler than I could have imagined:

  1. put salt and pepper on salmon
  2. put chopped garlic and rosemary on salmon
  3. roast in preheated 425-degree oven for about 10-12 minutes (I needed 15)

I was very surprised that no oil was needed! But the natural fat in the salmon is the right amount for it to conduct heat well and stay moist. It’s suggested to cook on parchment paper though to avoid stickage.

831948To go with the salmon I made cottage fries, thick spiced coins of potato roasted in the oven. They are also very simple: slice potatoes about 1cm thick, coat lightly with oil and heavily with spices; then roast in the same 425-degree oven (I think mine took 45 minutes), flipping occasionally. They go well with any spice or herb you can imagine: I like chili powder, oregano, herbes de provence, paprika, granulated onion or garlic, cumin, coriander… it’s pretty hard to go wrong unless you accidentally reach for the cocoa.

Today it’s time to do some wedding planning. I have to sample some Toronto poutine and pizza in advance of ordering our government-mandated late-night snack. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.



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