Delicious Faal / فال گرفتن


ImageI have been taking a Farsi class (کلاس فارسی) this semester at Princeton, gradually learning enough of the alphabet and grammar that when I go to Iran, I won’t be completely illiterate!

On Monday, we learned about faal, which is opening the famous book of poetry by Hafez to a random page and using it as your fortune. Then on Tuesday, the last day before break, our teacher brought in pomegranates (anaar, انار) with poems written on it for our own fal. Definitely much more tasty than the usual medium of paper for these poems!

Learning Farsi has been challenging and interesting. In increasing order of difficulty, some of the steps are:

  • writing right-to-left (simple enough, I like symmetry)
  • learning a new alphabet (ok, at least there’s only 32 letters, and I don’t have to learn capitals)
  • unpronounceable letters like ﻉ (sounds like the hyphen in uh-oh)
  • leaving out most of the vowels when you write.

Later I’m hoping to create a short Farsi pangram (sentence using all the letters of the alphabet). Wikipedia already knows one:

بر اثر چنین تلقین و شستشوی مغزی جامعی، سطح و پایه‌ی ذهن و فهم و نظر بعضی اشخاص واژگونه و معکوس می‌شود

Maybe I can find a shorter one using only vocabulary from the course. Anyway, I’m thankful both for pomegranates and for written vowels in English. Happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah!


3 Responses to “Delicious Faal / فال گرفتن”

  1. That’s great, Dave 🙂
    Btw, some minor errors: فال گرفتن , کلاس فارسی .;)

  2. Check this website out, you may find it helpful 😉

  3. ببخشید! Thanks for the suggestions, I was inspired that you and Thomas got me started with learning one of my first words!

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