Doodlr and SPE


I spent some time earlier this summer mentoring two undergraduates, Pallavi Koppol and Joanna Wang, who built a really cool HTML-based drawing program called Doodlr. Its main features are (1) simultaneous drawing by multiple users, (2) opacity/transparency, and (3) support for Wacom tablets. If you check it out now at

you can even see a vampire moose that I made on the demo day. See the about us! button there for more information.

Joanna and Pallavi used several technologies that I did not know about before this summer:

  • HTML5 canvases; they are very flexible in terms of transparency and compositing operations (like erasing)
  • Node.js, a tiny web server that uses JavaScript for the server-side language
  • websockets, which are persistent client/server connections for a website, in which the major technological advance is that the server can push information to the client.

It was a pleasure to work with both of the students and it was really amazing to see how much could be accomplished from concept to working code in only 6 weeks. Check out the source code here on GitHub.


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