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I am slowly making my way through Andrew Hodges’ biography of Alan Turing, which I bought electronically last year (the Turing centennial year). It’s a great book, and is simultaneously teaching me about the history of computing machines, the history of cryptography, and World War 2, as well as about the title character. Here’s a […]

Computer Science Circles is now fully open-source! Over the summer, we put the backend code up on GitHub and provided links to the lesson and exercise definitions on the website. A SIGCSE Special Projects grant made this work possible, for which we’re very grateful. One thing we learned as a result is that open-sourcing has surprising applications. […]

Doodlr and SPE


I spent some time earlier this summer mentoring two undergraduates, Pallavi Koppol and Joanna Wang, who built a really cool HTML-based drawing program called Doodlr. Its main features are (1) simultaneous drawing by multiple users, (2) opacity/transparency, and (3) support for Wacom tablets. If you check it out now at you can even see a vampire moose […]

Nice Quote


Paraphrased from a paper by Eglash, Gilbert and Foster about software education tools: We should caution that it is largely the teacher and students who create the learning environment; the simulations are simply tools to facilitate these connections. As someone who makes a lot of software for education, I was glad to see someone mention this […]