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Hallo, Welt!


Computer Science Circles is now live in German! This awesome development is due to Wolfgang Pohl, Marcel Inhoff and the rest of the crew at BWINF. I am very excited and thankful for their hard work. Check it out here… you might be the lucky person to complete the 250000th exercise! Advertisements



When we were still in Switzerland, Sara picked up a copy of Le Larousse du chocolat, a book by a renowned French chef Pierre Hermé. As the name implies, it is a dictionary for all chocolatey things. While it’s a little tricky to find exact substitutes for the ingredients in some recipes (like bicarbonate de sodium […]

Abstract. I’ve spent some time this summer making a programming visualizer for the Java language. Sara has spent some time this summer making a video showing the coffee roasting process for Princeton’s own Small World Coffee. I think my project has a cooler icon, but hers has a better soundtrack. Since I came to Princeton […]