New Year’s Resolution: Eat More Barbari


For what seems like all year long, Sara and I were driving back from Toronto to Princeton. Our very last stop before leaving the great white north was a place selling great flat bread: barbari. We picked up 12 of them at Super Khorak, and 11.5 of them remained by the time we arrived (some of it went mysteriously missing around Binghamton halfway between lunch and dinner).


What makes barbari so great? Well, as you may have seen in innumerably many recipes for baked goods, the final goal in most cases is to achieve the state of GBD (golden, brown, delicious). With barbari, the surface-to-mass ratio is so high that there is golden-brown deliciousness surrounding every bite. It is just thick enough, however, to retain a chewy and fluffy interior (unlike lavash or pita bread for example).


Just above, we see Sara cutting up some of our loaves. The weapon of choice here is scissors, since a 8-inch bread knife is no match for a piece of bread that is more than a foot long in both directions. We were worried that all this bread wouldn’t fit in to our freezer:


but it turned out to be okay, thanks in no small part to the absent half-loaf. Later this year (or in 2014 depending on how long our current supply lasts) I will actually make the bread, since there seem to be a lot of easy recipes floating around YouTube. Happy new year!


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