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COS 126 Wrap-up


The main course that I taught this term, the introduction to computer science (COS 126) at Princeton, just wrapped up. It’s a very well-designed course. Before coming here I had thought that Java had too much potential for confusion for beginners — it is a lot of confusing work to type out public class { public […]

Stephen Tosh and I co-taught the online course Math 600 for the University of Waterloo last term, in September and October. The course is part of the Master’s of Mathematics for Teachers program, which is an online Master’s degree for high-school math teachers. The students were a very interesting mix of people from all over […]

For what seems like all year long, Sara and I were driving back from Toronto to Princeton. Our very last stop before leaving the great white north was a place selling great flat bread: barbari. We picked up 12 of them at Super Khorak, and 11.5 of them remained by the time we arrived (some […]