Here is a picture of me at a chain from my country, visiting another country, getting a drink named after that country, which is an imitation of a drink from that country, but was prepared in another country they were just working in, imitating the drinks like back in their own country. And as luck would have it, the only important ingredient in these drinks was not grown anywhere near any of these countries.

The Tim Hortons in the USA are a little bit different from their Canadian brethren. One example is that they serve the timbits donut spheroids are served on elegant platters instead of shelving units.

The other major difference is that in the USA, Tim Horton’s is branded as a “cafe/bake shop” and they in particular serve paninis. Here’s a chicken pesto panini that we got.

While the bread was good and the grilling of it was great, the chicken chunks and melted american cheese were very watery and rubbery. I am glad to be back in Canada this week!




2 Responses to “Internationalism”

  1. 1 deepc

    Was this in Rhode Island?

    • It was somewhere between Toronto and NJ, but I didn’t pay close enough attention to say whether it was in PA or NY. Let’s say NA or PY, if either of those is a state?

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