Tales of Tails


My colleague Adrian from Berlin has been visiting the University of Waterloo this month, and I was delighted this Friday to get to bring him to Hog Tails BBQ in Waterloo for a taste of something new. It’s new both for him, and for me! Real slow-smoked BBQ is a cuisine that didn’t exist at all in the Kitchener-Waterloo region until a couple of years ago and this is actually the first time that I’ve eaten it here… the closest that I’ve had is the venerable Phil’s Original BBQ in Toronto.

Hog Tails has itself. Tails of hogs, I mean. I have never seen them on a menu before so it seemed like a prudent idea to order some, just to be scientific. I also ordered ribs and wings, with sides of onion rings and collard greens… it’s pretty important to get your vegetables. Here is an animated .gif showing my order; look at the altitude on those rings!

In the picture above there are two tails on the bottom left-hand side of the plate. When eating the tails, which was a little weird, I had to put them in a mental category alongside ribs and wings: delicious meaty morsels which will be yours only after you put up a good fight against bone and cartilage. Here’s a close-up of the tails:

The taste and mouthfeel are very similar to ribs, but both of the tails also had a lump or two of fat that I had to pull away to get to the goodness underneath. The tails bent in a way that reminds me of asparagus, but the most unique part is that after eating them, you’re left with a string of miscellaneous pig bits that looks like this:

You can see at the top it looks almost like a spinal cord (and the second tail is just below). Overall, I would highly recommend the place; every component of our meals was very delicious, and the service and price were good too. It is an excellent dining experience if you want to feel like Fred Flintstone!


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