Because I haven’t posted many photos lately, here are gratuituous photos from Toronto City Airport:

The view from Billy Bishop island airport

It’s a nice change from Pearson airport which is undergoing a bunch of strikes right now. Flying from Toronto City means you’re probably on Porter Airlines, which aside from offering free beer on the flights, gives you free coffee in the lounge!

Coffee? Tea?

I had to bring my own muffin but I think that’s pretty acceptable, and it’s definitely easier than bringing my own cappuccino!


2 Responses to “Gratuity”

  1. 1 k3v

    I like the view when you are taxi-ing for takeoff; it’s a great shot of the Toronto skyline & condos

  2. Hi Dave!
    Since that you are into gratuity. I would be great if you could provide an insider and pointers to introductions to the theory of semiautomata! (pray you do it… if you can)

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