Out with the old, in with the new


Wrong holiday for the title? Oh well. Most of my work has continued to be on the Computer Science Circles website. And, only 3 weeks after installing the Ace editor, my fickle heart has deleted it and installed the CodeMirror editor on our project instead. Both of them allow you to drop-in a replacement for a textarea on your website. However, CodeMirror seems to be compatible with nearly every browser I can throw at it, looks nicer, handles tabs better, and has better technical integration. It also has a way better logo, as you can see! You can try it here — it’s pretty fun for in-browser editing and has tab-key integration and syntax highlighting.

As well, I found a replacement for SlideDeck, which was a freemium WordPress plugin allowing you to click through several slides. This got replaced by the excellent WP UI plugin, which is completely free, and suits my purposes just as well. It gives three modes from JQuery UI: horizontal tabs, vertical tabs, and accordion.

Hot or not?
  • Click on this link
  • Look at the horizontal tabs and vertical tabs versions
  • Tell me which is better in the comments

On the research front, a paper of mine with Christina Boucher, Gad M. Landau, Avivit Levy and Oren Weimann is up on the arXiv. As the title suggests, it is about approximation algorithms and strings; in particular, looking at versions of problems involving “outliers.” For example, a read of a DNA or protein sequence that got totally messed up should be considered an outlier and thrown out, instead of throwing off the computed representative string which is most like the remaining input strings. We showed that a couple of such problems cannot be approximated arbitrarily well. But it remains open whether these outlier-type problems admit any constant-factor approximation algorithm.

I am still waiting for one more change. My old HP TouchPad is on its last legs, as is my older but still excellent ThinkPad R61e. I ordered a new laptop but it has been stuck with address verification and then a shipping screw-up. I’m curious whether ca.buy.com will fix the problem.

One last thing: if your initials are S.S. (a.k.a S.P.), click here for a special Valentine’s day message!


2 Responses to “Out with the old, in with the new”

  1. Can others also click for the Valentine’s day special?

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