Thanksgiving Turkeys Times Two


This post is a shout-out to several good friends who hosted me for thanksgiving. As such, I looked up the background on a well-known story: Canadian thanksgiving happens earlier than the American one because it’s colder and therefore the harvest happens earlier.

Wikipedia corroborates this but I was more interested in a link to Canada’s list of all previous individual dates of Thanksgiving. The strangest part to me is that between 1816 and 1849, it was celebrated by both Lower and Upper Canada exactly four times, both on the same years. I guess somebody was copying someone else’s good idea? The timing was a bit different back then, sometimes in February and May, and it was for a variety of different officially festive reasons, such as the “cessation of cholera” or the end of wars between Britain and France.

Although no government-sponsored reasons were so interesting this year, I did give thanks twice! Here are the stats:

Canadian Thanksgiving American Thanksgiving
I was in Boston (America) LA (America)
well technically, Medford Huntington Beach
visiting Mike and Kathleen. Jaime and Christina.
We ate turkey turkey
pictured being sliced by Mike (above). Jaime (below).
I contributed whiskey sweet potato pie, sweet potato pie casserole
and for the first time tried crème brulée beer. green bean casserole.
I got to see, for the first time, Bohnanza. an electric knife-saw.
Everything was delicious! delicious!

Thanks from Sara and me to all of you ladies and gentlemen for the edible hospitality! I have never cooked any bird larger than a chicken, but when I do I hope it flies as well as these two!


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