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Last Friday, I finished my short visit at MIT in Boston, and on Sunday I arrived in Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech. During the weekend, I finally got to visit my friends Jeff and Mariel in DC! We went to the National Museum of the American Indian (does it show a bit of homesickness if […]

Metroid. Introduced in 1986  by Gunpei Yokoi and Satoru Okada. Name is a portmanteau of metro and android (android is a combination of andr-, man, and –oid, likeness). Metroids are fictional jellyfish-like creatures with quadripartite nuclei. They are chased by the bounty hunter Samus. Killing them can be done with the help of the ice beam. Metroid. Introduced in […]

The Matrix


The Matrix Here is a factoid which might be a nice exercise. Fix integers 1 ≤ q ≤ p. Consider the p×p matrix where the entry in row i and column j is: 1, if i+j mod p is one of {0, 1, …, q-1}; 0, otherwise. This matrix is a cyclic matrix with q […]

I saw a nice result sketched a few weeks ago, on the “online matching” problem. Below I try to re-explain the result, using some idiomatic (and as a bonus, inoffensive) terminology which I find makes it easier to remember what’s going on. Online Matching. There is a set of items, call them Lunches, which you […]

Destroying Pi


As I was walking around the streets of Boston yesterday, I came across the following scene: Apparently, they were shooting some movie, and all that the crew would say is that it’s somehow about Rhode Island. This does not explain the following Massachusetts plates: Do you see the other strange fact about the plates? I […]