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New Vocabulary


I am starting my short tour of the US under my post-doc fellowship this week. So far it has already been educational and I have learned two things: tautological. (v) More trivial than trivial: it is a tautology. E.g., “I worked all afternoon proving this lemma but when I told it to my advisor he said […]



A friend suggested this part of my email should be posted here: It is really nice to be back in Toronto but I immediately felt the difference between here and Switzerland… whereas in Switzerland there were a bunch of people who all looked similar speaking a bunch of different languages, here in Toronto everyone looks totally different but […]

Last weekend I attended a conference in Budapest where I saw a nice trick in an unexpected place. (A longer report about the whole trip will appear on the CS Theory Blog.) Wikipedia calls it de Moivre’s martingale and the reason that I liked it is that it somehow gives me some intuition, that I formerly […]