Best Food in Lausanne


I am very grateful to have got to live in Lausanne for the last year and a half. There are a lot of great people who I have met, and fantastic sights. But I would be negligent not to point out

The Best Food I Ate in Lausanne

Special events: Manneke Kris waffles. Cooked fresh to order, chewy on the inside, with a nice yeasty taste and Liège-style embedded sugar bits. One was bejeweled with cheese, ham and olives at the Montreux jazz festival this year!

Street food: hot dogs from Bretzelkönig. A delicious portable trio: a pretzel-dough bun, impaled to make a hole, with mustard squirted inside, and a hot dog plopped in.

Coffee beans: Pappy John’s (who also has amazing loose tea). If you are without equipment, a fine cup can be had at P’tit Bar by the cathedral.

Best sandwiches: paninis from Monopole in Place Chauderon. The chicken paninis are made from actual chunks of real roasted chickens, not processed meat! (Pro: tasty skin, con: occassional bones.)

Best restaurant: Nandanam Indian restaurant by the train station.

Best brunch, best fondue: Café de Grancy has fantastic ambiance in a surprisingly peaceful sous-gare location. Café de l’Éveche also had a great fondue without being too greasy.

Best burger: l’Étoile Blanche if you want to sit down for a meal, The Great Escape if you want to hang outdoors on a patio with ample beer, Holy Cow for a guilty pleasure at lunch.

Best beer: Brasserie du Château is the best brewpub and has the best late night food, while Mise en Bière is the best bottle store. Satellite at EPFL is also pretty fantastic in the limited hours that they are open. Docteur Gab is a very good local brewery. I discovered Bar Tabac on my last evening, which has a great selection of Belgian beers.

Best ice cream: Veneta; I visited two of their locations, on the Ouchy pier and in the town of Gruyères. Fleur du Lait is made from the crème de la crème of crème, and they have a Swiss specialty flavour “Lackerli” which was especially good, with cinnamon and other spice flavours.

Best chocolate: Villars (see last post); for an actual restaurant in Lausanne, have spoonfuls of “hot chocolate” (chocolat chaud épais) at La Barbare.

Best bakery/patisserie: tragically my two favourite ones shut down while I was here, replaced by non-pastry stores… but Fleur de Pain is pretty good, it has locations in Ouchy, Morges, and sometimes a truck at EPFL.

Unavoidable and unforgettable: Les Brasseurs, with its metre-high columns of beer, plus Röstis and flammenkuchen of every imaginable variety. This place I will mainly miss since I got to share the offerings with many great companions… the friends make the meal here.

Click here for the map of edible Lausanne!


5 Responses to “Best Food in Lausanne”

  1. 1 michelle

    hello!!! i’m new to lausanne, well switzerland and am finding it hard to find good places to eat that don’t cost and arm and a leg.
    do you think you could help? oh.. and where do i get these waffles.. have i missed it for this year?
    please feed me!! M

    • There are not a lot of very affordable options which means that cooking at home is a pretty good choice. Certain half-affordable places exist like Manora in Place St Francois, sandwiches at Satellite at EPFL, I have often bought the whole roasted chickens you can find in Coop City or on Rue de l’Ale and these are good for several meals when combined with bread, potatoes, rice, etc. But you need a fridge to keep the leftovers.

      A good tip is that many places give a discount (10% or so) if you get the food to take out, e.g. the Cavallo italian restaurant or the Saigon vietnamese restaurant, both in Place Chauderon.

      The Manneke Kris waffles only seem to show up at special events (at Ouchy, la Cité, etc) but there are other tasty waffles, again on Rue de l’Ale some days. Anything “Liègeois” has sweet caramely sugar bits embedded throughout and is worth a shot. Good luck and bon appetit!

  2. 3 Pam from Ottawa

    Dave, thank you SO MUCH for this post! I’m set to move to Lausanne (come Jan 2012) for 6 months with my boyfriend who’ll be working on his PhD in math at EPFL. I’m sure this blog will definitely help us out so much! I ❤ food. I ❤ cheap and good food even more.

    • I am happy if some of these places serve you some tasty treats! Be aware that the biggest challenge is finding housing if he doesn’t already have it. In our case we wanted something close to the station for commuting purposes and we ended up with 3 several-month sublets, all found through the website. It worked out fine in our case but be prepared for the search to take a lot of time unless you either are flexible about the location or budget.

  3. 5 michelle

    thanks dave, love the recommendations, but i’m still looking for delicious places to visit without being a BUM! haha! any local haunts that you love to visit? for authenticity and good feeds? just shoot them my way.

    YES to sugary treats!! M xx

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