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I am very grateful to have got to live in Lausanne for the last year and a half. There are a lot of great people who I have met, and fantastic sights. But I would be negligent not to point out The Best Food I Ate in Lausanne Special events: Manneke Kris waffles. Cooked fresh […]



This was my last full weekend in Switzerland, and I used part of it to visit nearby Fribourg. The main reason: chocolate! My favourite Swiss chocolate company, Villars, was founded, operates, and offers their only boutique/café in Fribourg. (It is not a chocolate factory, no oompa-loompas, for that you have to go to la Maison […]

Over the last year or so I became interested in a family of problems related to linear programming. In ordinary linear programming, we are given some collection of linear constraints, say {ai x ≥ bi} for i=1, …, n, and the x represents a d-dimensional variable. A central result in optimization says that there is […]