Greece Trip


We just came back from a trip to Greece (Santorini and Athens). Here are the important trip statistics:

  • duration: 6 nights (including one at Athens airport) and 6 days
  • number of eggplant dishes consumed: 6 (all distinct)
  • best eggplant dish: fritters in Camille Stefani, Fira
  • number of souvlaki/gyro/kebab joints visited: 5 = 3 in Santorini + 2 in Athens
  • best souvlaki: O Thanasis in Athens (also cheapeast, 1.80 EUR!)
  • best view in Santorini: 3 hour cliffside walk from Fira to Oia
  • best views in Athens: day view of city from Acropolis; night view of Acropolis from roof of Filistron restaurant
  • best paradox: hot volcano springs (27 degrees) but to get to them you swim through 2- degree water
  • other favourite dishes: greek salad with giant slabs of feta (x3), baklava (x3), roast lamb (x2)

The ΣΒΟΡΩΝΟΣ bakery on the main road from Fira to Firostefani also gets a notable mention in Fira for their tasty baklava, good coffee, and donuts the size of a human head! Here are some pictures from our trip.

View from our hotel

We took mules down to the old port

Fira and us

Both sides of the island

Mega 'praline' donut filled with Nutella

Lizard on the hike

Patriotic corn at a protest in Athens


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  1. 1 kats

    That looks really nice. And by “that” I’m mostly referring to the weather. 🙂

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