Applied Recursion


I saw a hilarious video recipe inspired by Paula Deen today:

The video, for a moment, covers the subject of “pie pies,” you know, a pie with another pie in it. This brings up the idea for another recipe I have long wanted to make, the “meta-muffin.” (A large muffin with smaller muffins of different types embedded in it.)

In this same family of foods we have the recursive pizza and the fractal hamentashen, below.

I’d say puff pastry fits into this family of foods too: a master baker can take a single piece of dough and one piece of butter, and by repeated folding get an exponential number of flaky alternating layers of pastry and butter.

Upon further reflection, I have indeed made a food-out-of-a-food: spice mixes like Ras el-hanout (‏رأس الحانوت‎) are spices manufactured from other spices. We made couscous a few days ago with fried eggplants, many roasted veggies, chickpeas, and the following ras el-hanout blend: allspice,  bird peppers, cinnamon, clove, coriander, cumin, fennel, ginger, grains of paradise, peppercorns, sumac, and turmeric (so far as I remember). Delicious and nutritious!


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