Hand-Drawn Computer Graphics


I have seen three really beautiful animated pieces of art recently:

  1. The game Machinarium, which was previously part of the 2nd “Humble Indie Bundle” of charitable games. I played through this game very quickly; were it book, I would say that “I couldn’t put it down.” It is a game where you control a robot character, by point-and-clicking them through various screens, and where no text/words are involved. It is perhaps the only video game I’ve ever played which required use of Menger’s max-flow min-cut theorem. It is made completely out of animated hand-drawn graphics but the design is flawlessly smooth and clean. It even has a Space Invaders sub-game. I cannot recommend it highly enough. (The other two games by the same company, Samorost 1 (free online) & 2, I also recommend for the same reasons.)
  2. There was a wonderful hand-drawn-animated video on PhD comics today, about matter physics:
  3. Thid, a video posted today on BoingBoing about education reform:
Also, I found out from the very same BoingBoing that the UK is having a referendum to switch to “Alternative Voting” (a.k.a. instant runoff voting). I hope it passes! The most interesting consequence if it passes to me would be the media reports… in the upcoming Canadian election for example, it is simple enough to say “40% of people polled choose Conservative, 30% choose NDP, 20% choose Liberal,” etc, but would you ever get the survey results in a newspaper to list all 120 orderings of the candidates like “2.4% prefer NDP > Conservative > Green > Liberal > Bloc, 1.1% prefer Bloc > Conservative > NDP > Liberal > Green”? This is actually somewhat relevant since Arrow’s Theorem, which I am teaching in class next week, implies that in any electoral system, voting optimally requires advance knowledge of how other voters will behave.

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