Food for the Eyes


Three weekends ago I went with my girlfriend Sara to Canada for her citizenship ceremony. It also was the birthday weekend for my brother and sister, and as there was lots to celebrate, we went to get Phil’s Original BBQ downtown, followed by drinks at the restaurant “i feel like crepe.” (Props to whichever person in my family said this place existed, as I was pretty sure they were making up the combination of crepes and martinis on the spot.)

Next: Sara made some delicious chickpea flour cookies (recipe here) for Nourooz, the Persian new year. As part of the hired labor, my job was to smash the cardamom into tiny bits and pieces so that the fragrant part inside could be ground up.

Finally, EPFL gave me some free pasta in a bizarre cafeteria-marketing scam recently. I consumed some of my resulting excess supply of spaghetti recently… the pictures below show the before-and-after shots.


One Response to “Food for the Eyes”

  1. That crepe place has an awesome name.

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